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The New Loungehead jazz fusion dnb band Aotearoa New Zealand




A five-headed jazz-fusion-drum’n’bass monster

Reforming in 2022 to celebrate the 25th anniversary of 'Came a Weird Way'


When 'Came a Weird Way' was released in 1997, it shook the trad NZ jazz scene by its turtleneck sweater and launched a new era of jazz innovation for the 21st century. Inspired by electronic dance, hip hop and world music, The New Loungehead were the first band in New Zealand to create live drum’n’bass beats and percussion, melding with melodic horns, keys and electric guitar. Their legendary live shows were jam-packed affairs, cross-pollinating the genres of jazz, dance and dub in a club setting. 'Came a Weird Way' won the 1998 New Zealand Jazz Album of the Year.

The New Loungehead 1990s by Duncan Cole

From left: Matthias Sudholter, Godfrey de Grut, Chip Matthews, Isaac Tucker, Dan Sperber.

Photo: Duncan Cole 1997


The New Loungehead - Cloth ft. Sulata

The New Loungehead - Cloth ft. Sulata

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“[The New] Loungehead were drawn together by a common desire to hybridise the improvisatory zeal of jazz with the crowd-moving vitality of dub, drum’n’bass, hip hop and funk – and to take this new improved shit to the stage!”

Grant Smithies, Real Groove, Oct 1997
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